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Stary Browar Kościerzyna

Stary Browar Kościerzyna

hotel 730 700 111/ (58) 680 07 71

ul. Słodowa 3


Stary Browar Kościerzyna is a stylish hotel, a regional restaurant and a craft brewery. Both beer and culinary dishes are produced in a traditional way and most of our raw materials come from specially selected regional suppliers. Beer is brewed in a traditional way, preserving old recipes. The cuisine of Stary Browar is a combination of traditional flavors of regional cuisine with modern methods of preparation. The chef serves dishes with passion, using local products that come from these areas- Kashubian lakes and forests and the Baltic sea. By changing and improving recipes of traditional Kashubian dishes, he gives a slightly modern style and taste. Most dishes served in the restaurant Stary Browar Kościerzyna, and above all local products which our chef uses in the kitchen, undoubtedly create an image of the Kashubian cuisine using modern culinary techniques, not forgetting the Kashubian tradition and culture.


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