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Stanisław Smarduch NALEWKI KRESOWE.PL

Stanisław Smarduch NALEWKI KRESOWE.PL


ul. Wrocławska 63


Our company is based on long years of trial- and-error experience. In the hundreds of hours spent on choosing ingredients and proportions, we created several tinctures. We are not resting on our laurels and strive to continue to deepen our knowledge of flavors to create new compositions. Nalewki Kresowe (eastern borderlands tinctures) are produced from fruits obtained from local growers. We produce 9 different liqueurs and in total sales we have more than 20 different flavors. Our natural tinctures are produced from : Quinces, Dogwood, Gooseberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Honey from Opole, Blackcurrant, Aronia, Walnut, Blackberries, Raspberries, Wild Rose, Lilac Flower and Black Pine shoot.


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