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Spiżarnia Miodowa - Ewa Migocka

Spiżarnia Miodowa - Ewa Migocka
Lower Silesia


Broniewskiego 13


Manufacturer of varietal honey and distinctive honey and medicinal herbal mixtures, with nettle, raspberry and wild rose fruits. After the Second World War in 1945, Polish population came to the land of Lower Silesia, mainly from eastern borderlands. They brought along multigenerational beekeeping and honey extraction traditions. The area of Odra’s old river bed was the perfect area to continue their interrupted beekeeping business. The wealth of melliferous plants and herbs allowed to continue apiary production. One of the first beekeepers operating in the Oława county was my husband's father - Mikołaj. He resumed the tradition of honey extraction linking it with medicinal herbs, such as nettle, raspberry, fruits of wild rose. Our family used honey and herbal treatment to cure many ailments. Honey added to herbs not only gave a pleasant taste and smell, but reinforced the healing properties of prepared decoctions. Our homemade first aid kit has been used among the extended family, friends and acquaintances. These mixtures became offered on a permanent basis by “Spiżarnia Miodowa”. We continue our apiary traditions traveling throughout Lower Silesia in the summer months in search of bee pasture varieties. And so, among other things: multiflorous and lime honey is obtained from forests situated in Odra’s old river bed (around Oława). Rape honey is obtained from agricultural fields around Oława. Crops are hidden away from the main roads. Acacia honey is extracted from acacia trees, frequent in the vicinity of Zielona Góra. Buckwheat honey comes from the area of Jelenia Góra (Cieplice). Heather honey is extracted from the moors in Lower Silesian Forests near Świętoszów. Our heather honey bears the EU Protected Geographical Indication emblem. The offer includes honey with special additives: nettle, mint, lemon balm, honey, cranberries, raspberries, chokeberries, blueberries, with rose petals, with aloe vera.


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