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Smaki i Aromaty

Smaki i Aromaty

(+48) 604 525 722

ul. Jabłonkowska 6


Is there someone who has not nibbled jam with grandma's pantry? She was doing it with great relish. The tradition of slow cooking preserves the Mazowsze region dates back to the interwar period. Treasures of the summer garden or the forest closed in a jar, to be able to enjoy them in the long autumn and winter evenings. "Tastes and Flavors" Anna Langowska is a company that was created with love and passion for cooking and preservation of Polish tradition. Jams are made by hand, in small batches of production. Are enriched with spices such as cardamom and coriander flavored or containing spirit: liqueurs, rum or Bison. They do not contain artificial enhancers. This is the essence of nature in delicious installment.


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