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Smaki Gabi Bar Dzyndzałek

Smaki Gabi Bar Dzyndzałek
Warmia Mazury Powisle

0048 693-140-320

ul. Spółdzielcza 1 E


The company started operations in December 1998. a confectionery shop in the house at Gałczyńskiego street. The specialty was and are now Vilnius donuts, baked goods, croquettes, dishes, karkandaki, potato dishes and many more. All products are made personally and manually from natural products. The company uses raw materials from local suppliers. Products can be purchased on the market in Dywity, in PSS Społem stores in Olsztyn and in Polish Delicatessen Dwójka. In July 2017 in the Old Town of Olsztyn, the owner opened a place Hot Donuts Gabi offering donuts with a large selection of fillings, but after flooding the donut shop had to be closed. In October 2019. The new work of the owners of Smaki Gabi is the newly created Dzyndzałek bar, it is located in Dywity at 1 Spółdzielcza St. E. It offers traditional Warmian cuisine.


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