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Siedlisko Leluja

Siedlisko Leluja

512 291 685

Wielgolas 25


Siedlisko Leluja (Dwelling Leluja) is located in Wielgolas - a village about 70 km away from Warsaw and 12 km from the town of Pułtusk. Its surroundings make a part of Puszcza Biała (the White Forest), which belongs to the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. Our dwelling is where a number of ecological activities are held: we raise goats and koniki – a Polish breed of horses. We lead lives close to nature and a stay with us will be a great opportunity to experience nature first-hand, teach children respect for environment, turn everyday objects into toys and to organise children's time in a simple, yet the most fun way. We benefit from nature to the utmost: we bake our own sourdough bread, we produce pasta and seasonal preserves. The biggest part of our produce are different kinds of rennet cheese. We make them both from cow milk and goat milk, whose popularity is steadily increasing. We offer a great variety of Wielgolas cheese: with addition of wild garlic, basil, smoked pepper, chili, cumin, caraway seed, black caraway, dill, tomato, etc. We also produce smoked cheese, curds, and cheeses with seasonal ingredients. We take greatest care to use top quality ingredients, while homemade production process ensures a unique taste.


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