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Senf emol - Manufaktursenf aus der Pfalz

Senf emol - Manufaktursenf aus der Pfalz


Holzweg 9


Senf mol - Mustard, made with love Maybe it was the tasty mustard sandwiches my mother used to make, that made me fall in love with mustard so much. It's not without reason they say, that childhood shapes you, right? Anyway, I like to eat mustard for the life of me. So three years ago, more or less by chance, I tried to make some myself. I was immediately fascinated to see how you can make your own mustard from these tiny seeds. And according to your own taste. Ever since then, I've tried out a lot of versions and gave them to friends and acquaintances. Not at least because of their positive feedback, I have now founded my own mustard manufactory. I live in the Palatinate, where not only grapes grow, but also kiwis and figs, so why wander into the distance, when the good things are so close. I try to use predominantly regional products for my mustard varieties. A farmer from the neighboring village grows the mustard seeds for me and also the figs for my fig mustard are hand picked. In addition to the coarsely ground BRODWORSCHT mustard, the traditional SAUMAGEN Mustard and the ZWIWWEL Mustard, which is inspired by the proximity to Alsace and made with homemade onion jam, there is also a hell of a spicy DEVIL, a RIESLING Mustard and a seasonal FIG Mustard, as well as the KESCHDE Mustard with chestnuts. Another word on the name Senf emol. Emol is a word out of the Palatine dialect, and is spoken in probably every other sentence. When I moved to the Pfalz 25 years ago, I found it very likeable and therefore I would like to reflect some of the very special joie de vivre of the region through my brand name and also with the self-painted labels made by my husband. Senf emol - Take a glass of Pfalz home with you! Welcome, Your Yvonne Ortloff


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