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SECPOL Sp. z .o.o.

SECPOL Sp. z .o.o.


ul. Okólna 59


Secpol company the llc is acting on the Polish market from 1991 r. From the beginning of the being a tree cake is our flagship product - traditional Slav cake. Secpol is also a Co. with distributor of one`s products and is cooperating with a few thousand recipients in Poland. Thousands of groceries, all-Polish commercial and local networks, confectionery wholesale outlets, general-food wholesale outlets, bakeries and cake shops belong to their circle. Trying all the time to widen the merchant market we don�t forget about the customer, for which the product quality and his price are most important. Our plant is fulfilling all safety regulations and hygienes in the food industry. Moreover we are implementing the international system of the quality control and the trading in IFS goods (International Food Standard) which is a system about most stringent production discipline containing HACCP norms in oneself and ISO. to our products we don`t apply modified genetically products (GMO). Our cakes can also be eaten by vegetarians. Thanks to long-standing logistic experience and the large scale of the production, our products are available to the pocket of every customer. Good relations of the quality up to the price - it is exactly Secpol. The Secpol company the llc is also only and with sole distributor of the linseed oil of the Eurolen brand in Poland.


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