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Steingasse 2


Events - Location - Catering Good, clean and fair: Our chefs strive in creating wonderful menus from best ingredients only. Seasonal products is key and provide the foundation of our work. Asparagus in December? Strawberries in February? Green kale in July? Absolutely not. Good basic products, traditional vegetables, herbs from the fields, antibiotic-free trouts from the creeks in our local forests, meat from farms raising their animals in fair way. Ready made sauces you won't find at Schmieders' - nothing beats dark, tasteful, homemade sauces served with local potatoes, dumplings or pasta! Arrange your Event at our house Rent our historic estate for your company. There's our backyard garden with a natural vine roof, fixed roof, different sized rooms and vaulted cellar exclusively for family celebrations, business events, such as seminars and training courses and for weddings. You get everything under one roof: from good, clean and fair food products of the region, we prepare in our creative and fresh cuisine fine dining, offer a suitable selection of drinks and a friendly team of staff that they cared for attentive and personal. Our good food, we take course to the place of your wish: in your company premises or the event location of your choice. We organize everything necessary for a successful event: furniture, equipment, tents, table linen, glasses, crockery, cutlery ... Contact us.


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