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Schönfeld - Die Tee-Gärtner

Schönfeld - Die Tee-Gärtner


Mittelgasse 23


Herbal tea from the Pfalz wine region? For Jessica Schoenfeld and Christian Weiss it was less of a gamble, but rather a start-up born out of conviction. The two founders of "Schoenfeld - Die Teegärtner" (the tea gardeners) have one goal: to make best herbal teas from their home region, entirely from their own sources. "By hand, we ourselves have planted 13000 plants, harvested all herbs, plucked them, processed and packaged all of it," says Jessica Schoenfeld. From spring to autumn her and her partner Christian Weiss spend almost every free hour in their own herb garden. Now they are rewarded for their hard work: Five varieties of herbal tea from their very own farm is available under or via selected retailers. "Made with Love in Germany". Outstanding quality is primarily caused by passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Therefore, both spent a great deal of time tinkering with a complete concept, from the seedling to packaging for the end customer. "We have poured our whole heart and soul into this". The result is herbal teas with unique features: handmade from natural cultivation, with the shortest processing paths, and from the Pfalz sunshine.


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