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Sausage Manufacturing Plant of Private Entrepreneur Vozniuk

Sausage Manufacturing Plant of Private Entrepreneur Vozniuk


vul. Zolotiivska, 26


Private Entrepreneur Volodymyr Fedorovych Vozniuk has been working in the meat processing market since December 1999. His sausage manufacturing plant is a team of professionals whose objective is quality prior to production. That is why for over ten years this company produces delicious, high-quality products which satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Development stability, increasing production volumes, skilful staff with a good sense of quality consciousness, constant self-improvement and team spirit lie at the root of the company success as well as guarantee confidence in the future. The company is constantly developing new recipes of sausages. At the same time the plant provides output according to traditional technologies without food additives and preservatives, using only natural domestic raw materials.

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