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Ryby Natalia Zubowicz

Ryby Natalia Zubowicz


ul. Wilków Morskich 3/2 (Baza rybacka)


Natalia Zubowicz Fish is a family business with a long tradition founded in 1987. He is catching fish on the Lagoon Kamieński. Caught fish are traditionally smoked or fried on the spot in the fryer in the fishing base in Kamien Pomorski. Are selected top-quality fish and their dishes are only using natural ingredients and traditional recipes. For several years, the company is a specialty of pickled salmon, you should try every gourmet fish. This is the original way of preparing raw salmon, which is flavored with specially selected Polish composition of herbs, spices and garlic. Stored for a long period under suitable conditions will yield a unique taste and aroma. Pickled Salmon is finished food product.


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