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Biskupa F.Franića 78


Fish Dražin Production plant family Dražin is located in Kastel Kambelovac, a small fishing village that has a long tradition of salting and marinating the fish used here for generations nurtured. With its products attracted the attention of visitors to the trade fair which exhibits. These products are high quality and rightfully are among the delicacies. The result is high-quality, exclusively domestic raw materials and traditional preparation. On these grounds, and imaginative combinations with other foods, there are new products of different flavors that can satisfy the most discriminating tastes. Salting the fish is the old way of preserving fish. It used to be the main export fish products from the region. Most are looking for pelagic fish, anchovies and sardines. Today, once again reveal the value of the salted fish and their traditional preparation. Fish Dražin proud of its range of products, especially red peppers stuffed with anchovy fillets, called Pepefiš. Pepefiš product created an unusual combination of marinated anchovies and red peppers. Sweet - sour, red peppers filled with rolled anchovy fillets. They agree in jars and spilling over with olive oil. This gives Pepefiš, the product looks beautiful and exquisite taste that will satisfy the most demanding tastes. It can be served with homemade bread, cheese and wine where the taste come completely to the fore and afford a real gastronomic experience. Pepefiš is protected product in the Republic of Croatia and the international market. Fish Drazin is the sole owner of a patented recipe. Pepefiš devised by Mr. Zivko Dražin who is a frequent visitor of fairs and wherever it appears particularly attracts visitors looking for local products or prepared in a different way and special flavors. Fish Dražin according to traditional recipes and prepared the following: octopus salad marinated anchovy fillets marinated fillets ušate marinated shrimps fillets salted anchovies cleaned salted anchovies canned olives from our own olive grove canned capers Flower capers in oil matar in vinegar dried tomatoes olives stuffed with almonds fish pate. The other products were created as a combination of knowledge and years of experience in fishing, olive growing and knowledge of Mediterranean plants, fresh fish from the clear waters prepared in the traditional way, as well as local, fresh produce.


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