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Restaurant Complex "Sport"

Restaurant Complex "Sport"


vul. Naberezhna, 1a


Restaurant Complex "Sport" is located in downtown in the beautiful recreation area near the Ustia River. It attracts people by its decoration even from afar. The restaurant has got stylish and original interior and exterior, pleasant music for the soul. There are 3 halls which attract by the refined combination of colors, harmony and design, at your disposal. The waiters, bartenders, cooks and musicians will always meet you with a friendly smile in relaxed atmosphere. There is a variety of tasty dishes of traditional Ukrainian cuisine for different tastes in the restaurant menu. Among them:Mushroom soup with halushky (traditional thick, soft noodles or dumplings made with wheat flour and/or potatoes);
Polissia baked meat;
Fresh-water catfish stuffed in a special way;
Grilled pig leg quarter;
Home-made sausage;
Fish in traditional sauce;
Chicken legs baked with mushrooms;
Duck stuffed with apples;
Rivne-style steak;
Liver stewed with onions;
Cooked onions;
Salo (cured slabs of fatback) with garlic;
Potato pancakes in mushroom sauce;
Mushrooms stewed in sour cream;
Cranberry drink.

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