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Restaurant "Shkvarochka"

Restaurant "Shkvarochka"


maidan Nezalezhnosti, 2


At "Shkvarochka" restaurant the visitors are able to experience the delights of Ukrainian hospitality, creative interior, pleasant music, and, certainly, various dishes of national homemade cuisine. The first room seamlessly integrates the interior with the existing structure of the space with wooden tables, arm-chairs in the shape of barrels, innovative lamps, and stylized Ukrainian scenery, making use of a warm palette of colours (mostly brown and creamy) to create a dining space with a home feel. The second room is decorated as a traditional Ukrainian khata (village house, dwelling). In the centre of "svitlytsya" (living quarters) there is a stove which is the most important decoration of the house. The stove is painted with ornaments of the culture and decorated with embroidered towels. Highlights of the room include numerous ancient household items: tiny glass bottles, various pots, wooden bowls, bundles of garlic etc. The dining spaces are divided with striped curtains where the visitors can seclude. The third function room seats 30. Its interior features typical luxury saloon from the beginning of the 20th century. The cooks in "Shkvarochka" restaurant skilfully combine the culinary secrets of our grandmothers with modern trends and cook according to the original recipes. The restaurant menu is based on traditional Ukrainian cuisine and it offers borsch, varenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling), potato with cracklings, krov’ianka (black pudding), meat and fish dishes, casserole cookery, pickles (cucumbers, tomatoes) and many other delicacies. We also serve for our young diners by providing special kids menu that offers healthy options.

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