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Restaurant "Odra"

Restaurant "Odra"


Stare Łysogórki


Inn "Odra" is located in the beautiful landscape of the National Park, the Lower Oder Valley, separated from one side of the multitude of forest roads, forest paths for walking and cycling, on the other hand, the Oder river landscape, with numerous moraine hills. Location of the Inn" Measles "in a small distance from border crossings and car ferry between the Polish and the Germans will free tourist traffic pedestrian, bicycle and car. Inn "Odra" offers typical dishes of traditional Polish cuisine. The meals are prepared from raw materials sourced from local crops - vegetables, fruits, eggs, cottage cheese, meat, fish, berries and mushrooms are bought from local hosts and fishermen or collected personally in the forest. Meals are prepared according to recipes brought to these areas by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, modified by subsequent generations. Kitchen the Inn offers traditional soups, dishes with meat, fish and flour dishes, mostly drawn from the multitude of dumplings stuffing, served with sauces, bacon, sour cream, boiled or baked. The restaurant has existed for 20 years. It operates in the international association "Tastes cuisine without borders Oder Cullinarium". Participates in fairs and food fairs promoting regional products and traditional Polish cuisine.


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