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Restauracja Mazuriana

Restauracja Mazuriana
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Sienkiewicza 2


The Mazuriana Restaurant it is the best example of connection between tradition and modernity. It was put into use in 2010 and immediately integrated with the local landscape and architecture. It is located very close to the lake and at the same time it is in the centre of the city. The restaurant offers the refined impressions, modern interior which was designed by Almi Decor company and also the panoramic windows which are the best in the tradition of Warmia and Mazury Region: potato"s dish, bread which is bake in the traditional way and our speciality Mazurian’s pork hock. At the same time they are looking for a new taste and inspirations. Mazuriana it is the ideal place for the meeting, dinner, party and as well a chamber wedding.


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