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Restauracja Austeria

Restauracja Austeria
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Rychnowo 6B


Being conscious of the value of health and personal development as well as holding nature and ecology in high regard, we have created a place where, apart from spiritual rest, mental relax and old Polish hospitality, you can purchase take-away products ¬¬– our Natural Shop. All of this in the spirit of eco principles and conscious choices. Over 80% of products offered in our Natural Shop have ecological certificates. The remaining products contain no preservatives, fragrances or colour additives. They all have been produced in an environment-friendly fashion. Apart from: - juices, syrups, - preserves, - mushrooms, - herbs, - cereals, bran, flours, - and eco sweets, you can also get: - regional liqueurs, - mead, - beer from Olsztyn brewery, - kvass, - podpiwek (Polish traditional non-alcoholic beverage), - and moonshine :) as well as: - sourdough rye bread, already so well-known in many places in Poland :) - smoked meat dishes, - roast meat, - home-made sausages, - exquisite lard, - and rural eggs. The Natural Shop is a place where you can find the essence of health and taste! Our ecological food is dedicated for all who want to take good care of their well-being. We have created something more than just a „healthy food store.” We have created a friendly place with artistic atmosphere and Old Polish spirit.


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