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Restauracja „Spichlerz”

Restauracja „Spichlerz”
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Mazurska 83


Welcome to the pension located in the beautiful village of Rydzewo, situated in the heart of Mazury over the Niegocin and Boczne lakes side. Regardless of the season the resort attracts visitors from across Poland and foreigners. The extraordinary atmosphere, scenic location, peace and quiet and the nearby tourist attractions are just some of the advantages of the Golden Granary. The whole is completed with the ‘Spichlerz’ Tavern, which serves up delicious regional cuisine and European dishes made from natural ingredients from our own farm. Rydzewo is ideal for boaters, fi shermen, mushroom pickers, hikers and anyone who wants to relax in a beautiful natural landscape of Great Mazurian Lakes Land. In the summer Rydzewo turns into Mazurian Rivera. The proximity of the lakes and forests creates a magical blend. In winter, there are spectacular and unique events organized such as Ice Sailing World Championships, snowmobile rallies, or under the ice fi shing.


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