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Restauracja „A NÓŻ WIDELEC”

Restauracja „A NÓŻ WIDELEC”


ul. Czechosłowacka 133


The restaurant has operated for two years. Its main source of culinary inspiration is Polish cuisine. A huge emphasis is placed on the quality of products and thus the best ingredient suppliers are chosen, among others: Wąsowo Farm (vegetables and preparations), Marek Grądzki (farmstead goat cheese), TOP-TOMYŚL Regional Dairy Cooperative from Nowy Tomyśl. Most of them are members of the Wielkopolska Culinary Heritage Network. The restaurant offers, among other dishes: cream made of Wąsowo Jerusalem artichoke served with crispy black pudding, borscht with pastry filled with duck meat, pork chop with ECO sauerkraut from Wąsowo. Moreover, the restaurant bakes own bread according to its own recipe and serves own-made fruit ice cream.


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