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Restauracja „Łabędzi Ostrów”

Restauracja „Łabędzi Ostrów”
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Piękna Góra k. Giżycka


Restaurant Swan Ostrow - Łabędzi Ostrów is located in a resort, on a peninsula in Beautiful Mountain near Giżycko, near Lake Kisajno. Serves delicious home cooked meals. Foodies are recommended particularly large variety of fish from the Mazury lakes (pike, whitefish, pike, perch, tench) and traditional regional cuisine. Specialty restaurants include: zander in mushroom sauce, dzyndzałki with various stuffing, kakor with mushroom sauce and plińce with a sauce called 'pomoćka'. Is also recommended warm smoke smoked whitefish, with our own smokehouse and marinated sea bass and bream, which can be a tasty gift and already in the comfort of your home will remind you of the taste and the sun Mazur.


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