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Restauracja "Gęsia Dolina"

Restauracja "Gęsia Dolina"
Kujawe i Pomorze

52 385 76 01

ul. Nakielska 1A


“Gęsia Dolina” restaurant serves regional cuisine, especially based on goose meat. The whole-year offer of the restaurant includes: półgęsek (a traditional Polish smoked goose), goose fat used for seasoning, krupnik (barley soup) with goose meat, czarnina (duck blood soup) with goose meat, goose leg stewed with plums and apricots as well as goose leg stewed in vegetables (the dish was awarded in the Our Culinary Heritage – Tastes of the Regions contest). In the autumn the swede soup with goose meat, marinated gizzards, gęsi pipek (roasted and stuffed skin from goose neck) as well as a goose pate appear on the menu. Apart from the goose dishes also other regional delicacies are served: - pumpkin soup, - whit sausage, - ribs stewed in regional honey and Nakło beer. Majority of the products used for the preparation of dishes in the restaurant comes from the local suppliers. Goose meat is supplied by local breeders and the Zakład Doświadczalny Instytutu Zootechniki Państwowego Instytutu Badawczego (Experimental Unit of the Zootechnics Institute of the State Research Institute) in Kołuda Wielka. You will also be able to buy regional products at the restaurant. For example the awarded products of Iwona Pyra such as aunt Kazia’s cucumbers, carrot preserve, black elder flowers juice, “Krówka” fudge candies. The restaurant also cooperates with the Krajan brewery and sells beers produced there. The offer of the restaurant also includes honeys and plum jams from the Lower Vistula Valley.


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