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Resort & Conference Hotel Natura Mazur

Resort & Conference Hotel Natura Mazur
Warmia Mazury Powisle

Tel. +48 89 642-66-00

Warchały ul. Brajnicka 1, 12-122 Jedwabno


Natura Mazur Hotel & SPA Warchały is a unique Masurian facility located among green forests, just by the Świętajno lake. The hotel began its activity in December 2015. This place is part of the nature of the region, valuing its culture and culinary tradition. At every stage of his actions, he is guided by closeness and respect for nature. Dishes are created here based on high quality seasonal and regional raw materials. Traditional natural sourdoughs and poultry are used for traditional flavors of dishes. Meat to the hotel is provided by a local company from Szczytno. The flavors of the dishes are emphasized with herbs that are always fresh, and in the season, fresh edible flowers are used to decorate dishes. The menu offers guests regional dishes, such as fish soup, pikeperch with rice quinoa, baked parsley and parsnip puree. In the restaurant Poezja Smaków, raw materials from the region are used to create dishes. The offer also includes regional beers produced by Browar Kormoran Sp. z o. o


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