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RegioFood / RegioBus

RegioFood / RegioBus
Lower Silesia

ul. Dzierżoniowska 7/1a


RegioFood is a family health food store from Lower Silesia, whose history begins with beliefs and beliefs - in what is real, natural and valuable. RegioFood is a new definition of health determined by unprocessed products from local producers and small rural households and a real concern for their quality. Here, BIO and EKO are not limited only to labels - the products offered come from reliable sources, and most of them are the result of family traditions of production and craft. There is no room for preservatives, flavor enhancers and enhancers. At RegioFood, we focus on healthy food, natural ingredients and a transparent product process that we want to share. We respect the tradition of Lower Silesia and its culinary aspects, but we remain open to new inspiration. We are pleased to discover new regional flavors, recipes and products and make it easier for them to access our customers. Our activity dates back to 2017, when we opened a stationary store on ul. Dzierżeniowska 7 / 1a in Wrocław, which is the heart of our activity to this day. Along with the growth of our clients and the desire to facilitate access to the Lower Silesian products to the residents of the whole of Wrocław, we launched an additional, mobile sales channel. Our RegioBus is a moving bus equipped with an assortment of the entire store and moving around Wrocław to facilitate shopping and save their valuable time.


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