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Różana Pasieka

Różana Pasieka
Warmia Mazury Powisle

0048 509 76 50 85

Różynka 2


The beekeeping farm of Różana Pasieka, operating in Różynka - the commune of Świątki, is located in ecologically clean areas, uncontaminated by industry, in the vicinity of forests, lakes and adjacent to large arable lands, in Natura 2000 areas. The location allows obtaining various types of honey: multiflorous, rapeseed , linden, buckwheat, but also rarer: facelite or willow. In addition to honey, we also produce feathers and propolis. The apiary currently has around 100 bee families and each of them is treated exceptionally, and respect for bees allows for obtaining the highest quality honey. The passion for bees combined with a commercial line contributes to making interesting contacts with companies and the creation of original products dedicated specifically to the customer's request, e.g. individual gift sets with the customer's logo. As a responsible apiary, we examine our honeys for the presence of antibiotics and carry out pollen analyzes, so we do not tell stories about the type of honey, and we have specific support from the Beekeeping Institute in Puławy in the form of tested samples. Bees are our passion and have permanently entered the life of our entire family. In the near future, we plan to develop our apiary by creating additional migratory apiaries and offer volunteers the opportunity to use the Apitherapy house.


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