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Pub "Riven"

Pub "Riven"


vul. 16 Lypnia, 61


This place provides a relaxing atmosphere in the traditional brewery pub interior. It is warm, friendly, and completely inviting. Located in downtown Rivne, the pub has a unique atmosphere with its live music, great pub meals and an extensive drinks list including local beers. The first room resembles the brewery with much use of stone and brick walls, cobbled stone-effect floor and vaulted ceiling. Brewery decoration with brewing vessels and memorabilia, and illustrations of the process, and bottles attached to the ceiling is the essence of this room. It feels like a Self Guided Brewery Tour. The next room looks like a lab for beer quality analysis. Here one can find many different stand-cylinders, devices, drawings and equations. The function room is the basement brew room where the beer acquires its perfect taste. It is a cosy room designed for 20 people. Terrific interior, a fireplace and bright posters make it a perfect place to spend the evening. The pub provides an impressive choice of live beers, as well as a fine selection of snacks and delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. The seven local brews the Rivne brewery makes under the "Riven" trademark are delish. The pub serves high quality food, in particular matsik (pork processed according to a specific traditional recipe), local cheese, hot sausages and other Ukrainian delicacies. The pub features live saxophone and guitar music every night which contributes to its unique atmosphere.

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