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Przetwórstwo Farmerskie Sery Ślubowskie

Przetwórstwo Farmerskie Sery Ślubowskie
Lower Silesia

Ślubów 13


The company Farmer CHEESE Ślubowski is located in the village in the district of Wedding Górowskim, on the border of the province of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska. The company is a dairy processing plant, producing different kinds of cheese, cream and butter. The raw material for the products is cow's milk, pasteurized and unpasteurized. The main advantage is the origin of raw milk, or milk. It comes because of the small farms, where cows are grazed on natural pastures. Areas of paddocks and natural food come from Barycz valley, with clean, uncontaminated by industrial activity areas. Feeding cows makes both milk and dairy products receive one of a kind, unique taste, appreciated by connoisseurs. Barycza Valley and its surroundings, the local basin agro-processing. In areas free from heavy industry, there are numerous organic farms specializing in the production of healthy food, and processed fruit and vegetables. Used in the manufacture of cheese herb and vegetable supplements come from farms organic agricultural activity. Obtained through the production of cheese stored in an appropriate manner and in appropriate refrigerated, keeps your taste changed for a period of several weeks. The company Farmer CHEESE Ślubowski cheese production uses traditional recipes, both local and well-known culinary literature, Polish and foreign. In our factory we produce rennet cheese, fresh and matured, cottage cheese and zwarowe (derived from the processing of whey, such as the type of ricotta).


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