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Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne "Kar" Jerzy Karczewski - "Maciejowy Sad"

Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne "Kar" Jerzy Karczewski - "Maciejowy Sad"
Lower Silesia


Lutynia, ul. Wiśniowa 4


Our family business has been producing extruded, naturally cloudy juices in a wide combination of flavor. As the main raw material we use apples from our crops, as well as other components such as cherry, carrot, peach. The advantage of such a juice produced is their overall natural, since no additional components are added. There are no additional sugar and water in addition to those that occur naturally in the fruit or the vegetable. The only way to maintain juice is used for the thermal and thanks to their durability is at a satisfactory level. We use glass containers in two volumes (0.3 l 0.7 l) and a modern system of bag-in-box (5 liters and 3 liters), which allows the consumption of juices for three weeks after opening, while maintaining the microbiological purity. The method of production is based on the solutions used by our ancestors. Washed fruits and vegetables crushed in the mill, and then translates the resulting pulp is a special sandwich wraps on the press and squeezed. The resulting juice is subjected to pasteurization and spreads to the final packaging. Currently we offer juices such as apple, apple-pear, apple and raspberry, apple-rhubarb, apple blackcurrant, apple and celery, apple and carrot, apple and beetroot, apple with mint, apple and peach. Seasonal are also other flavors, depending on the available resources. Many researchers have emphasized the superiority of the natural juices of capturing clear cloudy. Cloudy juices contain four times more compounds from the group of polyphenols than clear juice. Prevent cancer and the aging process and enhance overall immunity. It is our pressed apple juice, which is listed on the List of Traditional Products kept by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has been chosen as the unique flavor of the region and the UEFA EURO 2012 fans greeted visit the city.


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