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PPMG "Galicja"

PPMG "Galicja"
Lower Silesia


Ogrodowa 6


Meat and Deli Processing Company "Galicja" was established in Niemcza in 2000, but the tradition of the goods and processing methods dates back to the 1940s. The owners painstakingly recreated the production recipes kept for years by their family members hailing from the eastern borderlands. It was there where Zenon Matusiewicz had his first encounter with the art of butchery. All his life he cared about the quality of production and a unique flavor, without using any chemicals or preservatives. The taste was to be just like his mom taught him and his uncle. Therefore the heart of the butchery is an alder wood-fired smokehouse. Thanks to this feature the products have such exceptional taste. In 2004, the flagship product – “delicacy from Volyn " was awarded with the Pearl Prize at the Polagra Food Fair. Since then, the products manufactured at PPMG "Galicia" regularly win awards and special distinctions. The crowning achievement of the activities in maintaining the tradition of manufacturing is the fact of registering six products from the assortment on the list of traditional products run by the Ministry of Agriculture. “Galicia” is also one of the first nine companies operating in Lower Silesia awarded with a certificate of Culinary Heritage. Other prestigious awards include obtaining the “Seal of Quality and Tradition” as proof of quality and respect for recipes, products manufactured by our butcher's shop.


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