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PPHU "Ankaz" w Kunowie

PPHU "Ankaz" w Kunowie


ul. Partyzantów 46


The meat processing enterprise “Ankaz” Albert Pustuła in Kunów is a family business producing traditional and regional cold meats in accordance with old, well-tried recipes handed down from generation to generation. Our activity is also includes purchase, slaughtering and cutting of pigs. Products used in the meat processing come from small local farms and slaughter houses, where pigs of native breeds are fed with natural local fodder made from maize waste. The meats are smoked in a traditional alder and beech smoking chamber. Our products have been appreciated by consumers for a long time because of their taste and nutritional values. Our specialty is the homemade sausage called „kiełbasa swojska” produced in a traditional way (applying to get onto the List of Traditional Products managed by the Minister of Agricuture and Rural Development), roast pork leg and a special meat and lard spread based on grandmas recipes.


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