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PPH Smaki Ogrodu

PPH Smaki Ogrodu


ul. Kielecka 225


The tradition of growing fruit trees in the Kot with a break caused by the war dates back to 1935. In 1973, the orchard acreage was increased to 5 hectars. The orchard is located on the sunny side of the Holy Cross Mountains, at the foot of the Swietokrzyski National Park. The specific foothill climate, clean air, fertile soil and absence of any industry nearby, are a guarantee of excellent quality fruit. The small size of the farm allows the owners to take care of it by themselves. Rational protection makes the fruit healthy and rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, which was confirmed by the relevant physico-chemical analyzes. As a result, the juice produced from them is a healthy and tasty diet supplement. The juice is extracted by pressing apples on a specially designed production line.


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