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History of cooperative Agricultural cooperative Supetar is established in 1947 and it had 346 cooperatives with 1100 members of their family. It possessed its own olive groves on an surface of 8,5 ha with 2500 olive trees. Besides proccesing olive oil the cooperative dealt with presservation black and green olives for local market. The cooperative also had orchads of almond and cherry „maraska“ on 2,5 ha with intercorp inustrial herbs: marjoram, lavander and thyme. Store of consumer goods, food and industrial goods was one of the activities of the cooperative that had 4 stores. Cooperative had its own bookstore and stationery which supplied a wider area of the former municipality of Brac. An important activity was the fish drive that owned a boat trawler that served for winter deep trawling and in summer for catching pelagic fish. Summer and winter fishing cooperative would catch 100 tones of fish. Later the actives were expanded on trades and they opened wooden, blacksmiths and bakery shop. Cooperative today 2015. the olive groves of cooperatives were transformed in ecological production to achieve a specific product on the market. With the resorces obtained from Split Dalmatia county, the cooperation branded oil from their olive groves in a modern way and gave him the name „Broško“ to highlight their association with the island Brač. On an moder designed label the highlight is on symbols of the town Supetar so that the origin of the oil is recognized on the market. Cooperative also started the manufacture of Macerat immortelle and Macerat gospine trave from wild plants from the olive groves. Macerat immortelle and Macerat gospine trave won medals for products from wild plants and olive oil on the manifestation „Noćnjak“ 2016. in Bol. Cooperative is the applicant for entering in quality system of products – the label for originality for „Brački varenik“. The part of the funds for making the specification was gained from Croatian Ministry of Agriculture with the supports of local governments, tourist associations and agricultural cooperatives of island. The cooperative is also representative of all Brač cooperatives and holder of making the specificationn of product „Brač olive oil“ also with the support of Croatian Ministry of Agriculture. As a part of the process of developing the specifications, both products were promoted on exhibitions organized by the Ministry as well as on the festive awards grants for the development of specifications in the presence of the Croatian media. Cooperative is also a member of Croatian center for cooperative alliance of Dalmatia and at their call it attended Internation festival of cooperative products in Zagreb in 2016. From 2016., cooperative's product extra virgin olive oil „Broško“ is the holder of label „Croatian island product“. As the holder of the label it participated on exhibitions of products IZVOR as well as on the award ceremony for holders of the label on Mali Lošinj. The cooperative also applied its project on contest for measure 6.3 „Support for developing small agricultural farms“ as a part of measures of Rural development. Thanks to that the cooperative received the requested funds from EU that are intended for for raising plantations of figs, olive arrangement, starting production of dried product figs and tomatoes, etc. Cooperative has distillery of liquor that provides services of processing brandy for cooperatives. The cooperative is the owner of real estates which are leased by the many craftsmen who work in Supetar. The cooperative is solvent in its business. Also, the cooperative has an exccellent cooperation with the Tourist board Supetar. It also participated on the manifestation „Biseri mora 2016.“. Cooperation was the representative of the city of Supetar on Wine festivals in Jastrebarsko 2016. The cooperative promotes training of its members and organizes periodic training of producers. The doors of the Cooperative are opened to all citizens and guest of Supetar. Agricultural cooperative Supetar is the member of „Eco Dalmatia“ that cooperates with the development agency of Split Dalmatia county RERA. As a member of the assocciation it participated on an fair in Split also in 2016. by the name of „Eko fjera“. Through its website and faccebook page the cooperative promotes members and its products and transparently publishes their work to the public. Future of the cooperative One of the most important plans of the cooperative is te construction of business and manufacturing plant in the town of Supetar, and is trying to reach an agreement with the town of Supetar about switching properties. Switching properties would enable the implementation of the plan which would be of great importance to farmers in the city and members of the cooperative as well as for the local community. Building of the facility would enable the employment of more workers from the island Brač.


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