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Pizzeria u Jana

Pizzeria u Jana


Warowna, 1a


Stargard is one of the oldest and the most beautiful towns in West Pomerania, Poland. Here, in very nice and quiet part of the down town, you can find the oldest local Pizzeria – “Pizzeria u Jana”. Inside the dining area you will enjoy pleasant, family atmosphere with 28 sits available. During summer time there are two additional small tables with four sits available outside. Locally, “Pizzeria u Jana” is very well known with its "Pizza Stargardzka" which means Stargard's Pizza. However this dish is called “Pizza”, after you see it for the first time on the plate, you can be a bit confused, because it looks completely different than well known around the world - Italian style pizza. Pizza Stargardzka consists of thick, baked cake with different ingredients (depend on your wish), a lot of home-made tomato sauce on top and some vegetable decoration on it. This famous dish is produced in our pizzeria according to very unique recipe since late 80's. Apart from famous Pizza Stargardzka, in our menu you will find classic, thin pizzas, different kind of pastas, fresh tasty salads, main courses and soups. We are very proud of traditional dishes served in our Pizzeria and strongly recommend trying one of them. The most popular are: • Chicken breast fillet with pineapple and cranberry served with baked potatoes, fresh mix salad with vinaigrette sauce; • Pork tenderloins wrapped with bacon in porcini mushroom sauce, served with gnocchi, fresh mix salad with yogurt sauce; • Traditional polish żurek soup with sausage, beckon and egg served in bread; • Very tasty tomato – pepper crème soup with small chicken meat balls; • Cheese soup which represents fusion of polish and german culinary tradition. “Pizzeria u Jana” permanently cooperates with local farmers, producers and suppliers which guarantee that our products are always fresh, tasty and the best quality.


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