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Pierniki Wrocławskie - Piernikarnia Wrocławska

Pierniki Wrocławskie - Piernikarnia Wrocławska
Lower Silesia


ul. Kurzy Targ 5


Wrocław's Gingerbread House is a small, family-owned workshop that recreates the old gingerbread traditions of Wrocław and Lower Silesia. The manufacture is run by Gingerbread Anna, her husband Jacek with the support of two twin daughters, Kamila and Natalia, and son Jakub. Gingerbread House is located in the very heart of Wrocław, next to the Old Town Hall and the Pillory at 5 Kurzy Targ Street. Visiting Gingerbread, before entering we will be greeted by the amazing aroma of gingerbread made here and of course, as befits Wroclaw Gingerbread, good spirit of this place. The manufacture of traditional Lower Silesian gingerbreads such as Liegnitzer Bomben, Neisser Konfekt but also gingerbread layered with plum jam, gingerbreads and ripening gingerbreads. You can also buy here over 14 types of flavored gingerbread, e.g. chocolate gingerbread with mint, cranberry or lavender and gingerbread souvenirs related to the region. The owners of Gingerbread are very closely associated with Lower Silesia and its history, and therefore you can buy books and albums about the history and monuments of the region. The gingerbread family uses only local Lower Silesian products to make their sweets. In Pierniki Wrocławskie you will find: flour from small rural mills from around Wroclaw, honey from good apiaries, butter from a traditional dairy cooperative in Międzyborz and hand-made aromatic spice whose composition is the secret of the owner. The workshop's guests can see how Lower Silesian gingerbread specialties are made, because the production of gingerbread takes place in front of the lovers of sweets. Wroclaw Gingerbread is not only the production and sale of gingerbread. There is also a gingerbread cafe within the manufacture where you can try products and delicious gingerbread coffee or spicy tea. The offer is complemented by workshop rooms where willing guests can learn about the gingerbread art and make their own gingerbread. Open Sunday - Thursday 10.00-18.00 Friday - Saturday 10.00 - 20.00


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