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Piekarnia Ratuszowa Radzikowscy s.c.

Piekarnia Ratuszowa Radzikowscy s.c.


ul. Piłsudskiego 12


Piekarnia Ratuszowa Radzikowscy - a family owned Town Hall Bakery with a 80-year-long tradition. This oldest and only pre-war bakery has been in operation since 1930 and is currently run by a third generation. It was established by Julianna and Stanislaw Wereda, parents and grandparents of the present owners. The company is located in the heart of the old centre of Siedlce, next to the period Town Hall known as "Jacek”. Our breads are made in accordance with unique old recipes from the 20s and 30s of the last century, the interwar period. Rye leavening of our own making serves as the basis for Rye and Rye/Wheat breads. Our loaves are baked in ceramic stoves. Wholemeal Rye breads are made from a sourdough starter yeast-free, whereas Rye/Wheat sourdough breads are made with just a little of yeast added. We use wholemeal, rye and wheat coarse flour from small, local mills, which use rye and wheat from the fields of Mazovia and Podlasie and farmers that use no additives, such as modified crops. We add no artificial products, preservatives or food colouring. Our products are thoroughly natural, organic and of top quality and taste. When stored properly they have a long lifetime. We specialise in the production of Wholemeal Rye Bread made from a sourdough starter yeast-free. Amongst the most important of our products you will find: •Town Hall Rye Bread from Siedlce, •Marshal Bread from Siedlce, •Mazovian Bread from Siedlce, •Home-Made Bread on Sourdough, •French Loaf, •Poznanska Bread Roll, •Long Bun, Bread Roll with Cross Pattern, Wholemeal Roll •Crescent Shaped Bun, Polish Bagel We are the supplier of organic, traditional, Old Polish breads to suppliers located mainly in the Region of Mazovia. Breads may also be shipped across the country upon special orders. Awards and Prizes: •Mayor of the City of Siedlce Certificate for the best market fair product during the 1st Saint Stanislaw’s Fair in Siedlce for our Wholemeal Marshal Bread from Siedlce, awarded in May 2008, •1st place and Mazowieckie Voivodship Marshal’s Laurels for the year 2008 for the best Mazovian traditional and organic product, bread, for the Town Hall Rye Bread from Siedlce, •Polish Association of Regional and Local Products 1st prize in “Our Cultural Heritage – the Flavours of the Region” contest for the Town Hall Rye Bread from Siedlce, May 2009, •2nd prize for vice-championship baking during the local harvest festival in Mokobody in September 2009 for the Wholemeal Marshal Bread. •Agribusiness Wizard nomination for market success, EMS Agency, September 2009. We are a member of the Polish Association of Regional and Local Products, and the Mazovia Culinary Heritage in the European Network of Regional Heritage. ( We would encourage you to stop by our bakery and taste our freshly baked products. Piekarnia Ratuszowa Radzikowscy s.c. 08-110 Siedlce, ul Piłsudskiego 12 tel. +48 25 63-236-74, fax. +48 25 644-14-83, email:


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