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Pasieka Wędrowna Jadwiga i Szczepan Mały

Pasieka Wędrowna Jadwiga i Szczepan Mały


Gierałcice ul. Opolska 17


Mrs. Jadwiga and Mr. Szczepan Mały Apiary is an apiary with more than 100 colonies. Valuable and good honey arises where there is rich vegetation and favourable weather conditions. Our apiary is away from large polluting factories. The basis of the collection are the surrounding fields of rapeseed blooming in May, followed by an extremely forest resources Stobrawskie Forest in which there is no shortage of flowering blueberries, raspberries, acacia, Jul. On our farm we sow phacelia, mustard and buckwheat so that we can be sure of high quality harvested nectar.


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