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Pasieka Specjalistyczna Krystyna i Jerzy Bangier

Pasieka Specjalistyczna Krystyna i Jerzy Bangier


, ul. Boczna 25


The family has been involved in beekeeping since 1976. Hives with bee colonies are located in Krosno, near Mosina and in Brodniczka (Brodnica Municipality). An apiary in Rogalin is surrounded by the Rogalin Landscape Park with a nearby basin of the Warta River. The place abounds in different varieties of flowers and plants with large amount of nectar and pollen. Fields sown with rape and phacelia located among mixed forests rich in acacias, maples and oaks, are a true paradise for bee colonies. The apiary in Brodniczka is located on the edge of the avenue of limes and acacias, among fields belonging to the Manieczki Agricultural Farm. The following kinds of honey are collected here: dandelion, multi-flower, rape, acacia, lime and deciduous honeydew honey. The apiary is not only engaged in the collection of honey and pollen, but also it is involved in the production of new colonies and breeding queen bees. Currently, it comprises 140 beehives.


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