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Pasieka Rodzinna Wnuk

Pasieka Rodzinna Wnuk
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Kościelna 27


The apiary operates since 1988. At the moment it numbers 250 bee families and the honey and pollen made by those hard working insects are of the highest quality. They are controlled at every stage of production and it is confirmed by the quality warranty of the Polish Apiarian Association (Polski Związek Pszczelarski) in the form of “PZP” band. From April to September the owner of the apiary travels the Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Pomorskie Voivodeships with his beehives so the honey is delicious and healthy. He searches for plantations of rape, mustard, phacelia, buckwheat, sunflower, heather and large groups of acacia and lime trees. And so it’s giving different varieties of honey which are highly regarded by jurors at contests. After returning to the apiary honey frames are removed from beehives, the wax is uncapped on a special table and honey is allowed to flow from the frame. The uncapped frames are placed in a centrifuge called a honey extractor. After centrifuging the honey is poured through sieves which remove the rest of wax. Then it is poured into a decanter so it can clarify properly. Filling the jars is the last stage of production. It is conducted with a special feeder thanks to which you will find exactly the same amount of honey in every jar. In 2007 the phacelia honey from the “Family Apiary” won the award for “Honey of the Year” at the Taste Festival in Gruczno


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