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Pasieka Pucer

Pasieka Pucer
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Pastwiska 7


History of our beekeeping dates back to 1957. We are the followers of family tradition. ‘Pucer’ apiaries are located on the picturesque grounds of Warmia and Mazury. These are clean and ecological areas, situated far from industrial centers. Characteristic climatic conditions combined with the knowledge and great care of the state of bee colonies and high honey production of insects, is a guarantee of flavor, color and consistency of honeys from ‘Pucer’ apiary. We currently have 800 beehives and we obtain both delicate spring honeys, late extremely valuable lime honeys and honeydew honeys and the highest quality varietals. We pride ourselves in possessing the emblem ‘Appreciate Polish’. Independent experts during IV certification in the program ‘Appreciate Polish’ positively assessed Lime honey (950g), Buckwheat honey (400g), Honeydew honey (250g) and granted the certificates of quality. Obtained through old and traditional methods, poured with the use of modern equipment in such a way as not to lose anything valuable, the honeys from Pucer apiary are appreciated by gourmets.


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