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Pasieka Nadbużańska Anna i Piotr Kuniccy

Pasieka Nadbużańska Anna i Piotr Kuniccy

(25) 781 00 15, 663 516 785

Skrzeszew 76


The Nadbużańska Apiary offers different varieties of monofloral honey, wax products, propolis, pollen, queen bees and bee nuclei. The taste of honey from the Pasieka Nadbużańska apiary is famous not only in Poland, but also outside its borders – in 2000, it found its way to the Vatican, to the table of the Pope. Because of its origins and unique merits, on 1 April 2006, honey from the Bug area where the apiary is located was entered on the List of Traditional products maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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