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Pasieka nad Prosną Marcin Kawczyk

Pasieka nad Prosną Marcin Kawczyk


Radłów , ul.Oleska 10


Apiary Nad Prosną was created with the passion and growing love for beekeeping. Gaining knowledge about these unusual animals from generation to generation, and extending it to the courses, studies and literature, I can create the highest quality products in accordance with the laws of nature. Radłowskie Honey come from agricultural areas that are not spoilt with industry. Due to the diversity of wildlife around Radłów, you will find the following types of honey: rape seeds, multiflower, lime, buckwheat and honeydew. Natural honey has antibacterial properties and immunizations, and it is even used in cosmetics! It should be in every home. It is sure to bring many more benefits than artificial honey, which in addition to questionable taste has nothing more to offer.


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