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Pasieka Miody Tolkmickie

Pasieka Miody Tolkmickie
Warmia Mazury Powisle


ul. Kilińskiego 14


Apiary Tolkmickie Honey is located on the outskirts of Tolkmicko, among landscape parks and reserves: the Stradanki River Nature Reserve, the Elbląg Upland Landscape Park, the Nowinka Nature Reserve - they are all within reach of our bees. Apiary is stationed most of the year in the cherry orchard. After the flowering of the cherry, we do not choose the honey collected so far and go to the rapeseed honey collection. After returning from rape, we have spring honey from orchards and rape. The next time the benefit is a lime tree, which is not lacking in the surrounding forests and thanks to that we have delicious aromatic linden honey.


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