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Pasieka Kujawska Apicom

Pasieka Kujawska Apicom
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Kaliska 128


Apicom Apiary in the Kujawy region is a family firm with its seat in Kaliski near Lubień Kujawski and the picturesque Lubieńskie Lake in the Kujawy region. The firm was established by beekeeping lovers. Its beginnings date back to 1921, when Szymon Pawłowski, the founder of the Pawłowski family was a beekeeper. Soon beekeeping became his passion, which infected next generations. From the very beginning of its existence, the apiary has focused on obtaining of best honey types. Using ecologically clean areas of the basin of the River Zgłowiączka, which is free of industry and rich in flora, the apiary produces mixed flower honey with unique taste. The honey of Apicom Apiary have been awarded with numerous awards during fairs and agricultural exhibitions, including, among others, during the Field Days in Zarzeczewo.


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