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Pasieka „Miód od Turka”

Pasieka „Miód od Turka”
Lower Silesia

889 102 628

ul. Strzelińska 4


Apiary "Honey of a Turk" is located in Niemcza, 50 km south of Wroclaw, near the protected landscape Niemcza-Strzelin Hills and Wojsławice arboretum near Niemcza. It is situated in a picturesque location surrounded by fields, fallow land and forests. Microclimate makes the spring bloom luxuriantly here wildflowers and meadow and early summer linden, acacia and rape, from which bees collect nectar. Apiary engaged in the production of honey: * multi-flower, * rapeseed, * acacia * honeydew, * linden, * buckwheat, * forest Honey Forest comes from the nectar and honeydew, chestnut as well as all blooming at this time of flowers in the forest. In our region is located one of the largest clusters of edible chestnut. Scattered in the foothills of Niemcza - Strzelińskich in Wojsławice and Dawn Mountain. Features: Taste of Honey Forest, chestnut is specifically sweet with a hint of bitterness and intense dark brown color.


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