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Pasieka "EKO-Smereka"

Pasieka "EKO-Smereka"
Lower Silesia


Hirszfelda 64/8


I deal with beekeeping since 1965. I run a wandering apiary using rape, acacia, linden, buckwheat, goldenrod and heather nectars. In addition to the varietal honeys, in my apiary I collect: bee pollen, bee bread and propolis and manufacture candles and figurines from melted beeswax. My honey received numerous awards in competitions organized at professional beekeeping events. I participate in numerous outdoor events in the summer season, focusing on occasional fairs and markets during autumn and winter periods. The healing properties of honey have been known and used for centuries. Due to the high content of glucose and fructose, honey is a product easily assimilable by the body including the heart muscle. It lowers blood pressure and contributes to coronary vasodilation. Honey is characterized by its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and anti-allergic properties. My bee product specialties are goldenrod honey and multiflorous honey with lemon balm extract. The goldenrod honey is collected from small nectaries collected in baskets of goldenrod’s golden-yellow flowers. It is characterized by a yellow color with a slight greenish tinge. It features a delicate, pleasant acidic flavor, which gives the impression of being less sweet. Due to its diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, goldenrod honey can be valuable in treatment of diseases caused by microorganisms.


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