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P.P.U.H. ER Jasiński

P.P.U.H. ER Jasiński

(+48) 502 225 119

Budy Janowskie 2d


Brand "BREAD OF LIFE" was established in 2010 and from the beginning has been recognized both consumers and experts from the food processing industry. Laurel was awarded the Marshal of the Mazovia taking place in the category Mazowiecki product Conventional - BAKERY PRODUCTS. By creating a high quality product and marking it with "BREAD OF LIFE" we want to guarantee to the consumer that the product has been produced based on natural raw materials without the use of so-called improvers, dyes and preservatives, while maintaining the traditional methods of production, and this regardless of the nuisance that they bind. We hope that our activities in the production and promotion of the highest quality bread will continue to be enjoyed recognition among consumers and experts in the food industry.


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