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P.P.U,H. Stelmański Łukasz Stelmański

P.P.U,H. Stelmański Łukasz Stelmański


ul. Bema 27


Our company is a company involved in the production of lard with additives according to traditional recipe with no preservatives. Our firm is situated in Mazovian province in Sierpc, we cooperate with a small local slaughterhouse, which is equipped at local farmers. We are releasing small batches our produkts, we put a lot of time and work to make our product, to met the high expectations of each client. An indispensable addition to lard are obviously pickled cucumbers .To please our client’s tastes we seed, weeded, collected and pickled our cucumbers. We also add to the cucumbers vegetables from our farm: dill, horseradish, garlic, cucumbers and pour brine from the best water in Mazovia. Our firm spreads out dynamically, we own modern factory, which grants any requirements of Polish and European Union legislations. We are the best in what we do and we provide our customers maximum satisfaction with the purchase of products with traditional taste. We are the firm valuing polish tradition and polish savors. The description of offered products : Lard Pork fat ,onion ,garlic, apple , marjoram , spices . The pork fat is from local , small slaughterhouse and it is equipped at local farms. Any others ingredients are from our private farm. Sour pickles: cucumbers and spices used to preparing this pickles are from our farm.


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