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Augusta Šenoe 4


The top quality honey produced by Boris Buratović comes from characteristic localities on the Island of Hvar, from pristine floral and aromatic environment. Specific flavours and floral bases have also made these honeys known outside Croatian borders. Boris Buratović's honey from Stari Grad has been recognized as a product of exceptional quality. In the premises of the Split-Dalmatia County, a formal reception was given to Boris Butrović, a beekeeper from Stari Grad who won the forth place for his rosemary honey in the competition of monofloral honey at the 42nd Apimondia International Apicultural Congress 2011, which was held in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and in which the quality of honey sorts from all over the world was evaluated. This is not the only success of beekeeper Buratovic. At the Days of Honey, manifestation held in Osijek, in the quality assessment of honey sorts, he also won a golden diploma for his rosemary honey and a silver one for his floral honey. At the 2nd International Beekeepers’ Fair "Dalmatina", organized by the Federation of Beekeepers’ Association of Split-Dalmatia County and held in Split, his rosemary honey was declared the best honey and awarded the title of champion for its quality. Buratović has said "All the beekeepers, both on the island of Hvar and in other parts, can produce excellent honey which will be easily recognizable even beyond the borders of our beautiful country". It is necessary to work on branding and recognizability of the quality of homemade honey and for this purpose the beekeepers from the island of Hvar together with the Federation of Beekeepers’ Association of Split-Dalmatia County will organize the Days of Honey in the month of August on the island of Hvar. As Buratović pointed out "This is the way to show the potential that we have". In addition to the part that focuses on honey evaluation and exhibition, the event will also demonstrate the honey extraction process, which will also be interesting for the guests who find themselves on the island of Hvar at that moment. This great success of the beekeeper form Hvar also attracted media attention, and therefore the interest of travel agencies to incorporate the process of making excellent honey into their tourist offer. Some travel agencies have already included sightseeing of houses and rooms where honey is being extracted and produced in their tourist arrangements.


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