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Ul. Hrvatskih mučenika 24


Hotel Pasike is situated in the center of UNESCO - Trogir, in a family house of the Buble family, whose tradition in this city spreads over long eight centuries. The rich family history is the good spirit of the hotel and gives it an unavoidable and recognizable charm, due to which the hotel carries the name of HERITAGE. Arriving at the Hotel Pašike greeted by friendly staff in traditional national costumes from Trogir and acquaint you with the tradition of Trogir 19st. Love inherited antique furniture opens the door to the rich Dalmatian history. We hope you staying in our hotel bar for a moment to feel the touch Kairos .- Greek god of happy moment hotel has 13 comfortable rooms and one suite. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, hydromassage shower, air conditioning, mini bar, telephone, satellite TV, safe,, hairdryer, internet. After visiting this beautiful city, the vault of stone art, you'll want to find a quiet place to complete your impressions in such same ambiance, with good food and cool the wine. Right atmosphere for it, you will find hot easily, trace stone street in the center of Trogir, next to the beautiful park, the restaurant Pašike. There awaits a range of Dalmatian specialties, seafood, smells from the grill, and the famous wines of top producers served by top sommeliers. Of course we all followed the old traditional songs. Believe that after service in the restaurant Pašike leave this ancient city with a full Dalmatian wealth. We are sure that you will again look for when you soul desires pleasant evening in an atmosphere of unique Dalmatia. One of the things that should not be missed during your stay in Dalmatia is definitely the cuisine. The Mediterranean climate and diverse influences throughout history have created a peculiar tastes rich native cuisine. By nurturing tradition Pašike more decades presenting authentic kuhinju.Tako in our map you can find indispensable Pasticada, but škartoc, old parboiled, brujet, cod, Trogir soup, Trogir rafijole, .... and many lipih things .... In Pašike this, and many other dishes are made daily by tried-old recipes of our grandmothers, with emphasis on quality, artistic experience and a love of food and our guests. One of the things you should not miss whilst in Dalmatia is the Dalmatian cuisine. Mediterranean climate and various influences throughout the history created the special flavours of the rich indigenous cuisine. By cherishing the tradition Pašike presents original indigenous cuisine. Thus, in our menu card you may find the unavoidable “Pašticada”, but also “Skartocete”, “Stara popara”, “Brujet”, “Bakalar” (codfish), “Trogir soup”, “Trogir rafijoli”…. and many more lovely things …. Here in Pašike we prepare these and many other dishes daily, following tried and tested old recipes of our grandmothers, with emphasis on quality, artistic experience and love for cooking and our guests.


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