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Ośrodek Szkoleń i Rekreacji "JANSÓWKA" Robert Jans

Ośrodek Szkoleń i Rekreacji "JANSÓWKA" Robert Jans


ul. E.Sczanieckiej 23


A visit to the JANSÓWKA Training and Recreation Centre is an exceptional opportunity to explore Wielkopolska traditions, in the heart of which lies the Wielkopolska cuisine. All dishes served to the visitors are based on traditional recipes and produced from local natural raw materials. The focus is also put on promoting the Poznań dialect. The restaurant menu comprises a variety of regional dishes, whose names are given in the Wielkopolska dialect, including pyry (the regional name for potatoes) gzik (the regional cottage cheese), Ślepe ryby soup (in English: “blind fish” soup), Rumpuć soup (a thick vegetable soup) and Parzybroda soup (in English: “burning chin” soup) soup, croquets with beans and meat, potato soup, barley soup (in Polish referred to as krupnik), pierogi (a traditional dish resembling boiled dumplings), champignon cream and many more. The restaurant purchases raw materials from local producers, e.g. the TOP-TOMYŚL Regional Dairy Cooperative in Nowy Tomyśl, the Slaughter & Meat Processing Plant – A. K. Błachowiak in Kozie Laski, and the Laskowscy Bakery in Kuślin. The Centre organises training courses, banquets and weddings according to the Wielkopolska tradition, as well as holiday stays and horse-riding workshops.


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